Monday, June 9, 2014

Il mio video con i modelli di cavalli / Video, My Videos with models horses

Il mio video con i modelli di cavalli 
Video My Videos with models horses 
Moje filmyvideo z modelami koni

KAVASKAR - Breyer Classic Thoroughbred Hunter Best In Show 902 only 2009, dapple grey with Mohair Braided Mane and Tail , Sculpted by Carol Gaspar " Show Thorougbred " Introduced in 2009 , 
Video was taken - somewhere in the Italian mountains Ligurian Apennines (near the city of Genova) 


La mia collezione "DH-Stabile" -oggi. 
Sugli scaffali sono circa 260-270 modellini:
  Breyer, Artist Resin, Peter Stone Model Horse, Collecta, Schleich, Safari Ltd  Bullyland, Mojo Fun, Papo, Hobby & Work. 
My collection "DH-Stable" today. On the shelves are about 260-270 
models Breyer, Peter Stone Model Horse Artist Resin, Collecta, Schleich,Safari Ltd,  Bullyland, Mojo, Papo,  Hobby and Work 


Caffè Macchiato DH - Tennessee Walking Horse

Caffè Macchiato DH - Peter Stone Model Horses -Tennessee Walking Horse
"Kentucky Traveller" SHTWKT 2005, Traditional scale, Mold Sculpted: Kitty Cantrell;
Breyer dolls used in the film:
-bigger cowgirl from the set Horses Breyer® Traditional® Let's Go Riding Western 1410
- smaller 6 'from a set Breyer® Classics® PONY GAMES AT THE HORSE PARK SET 755407

More :
Dorotheah Z. (Dorotheahhh, Art Dorotheah)

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